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Lonely Fucker Chopper

| Moto News | 18.09.2017

Good design is about creating objects and machines that stand the test of time, The Chopper design is one of the few ones having acquired a very unique sense of timelessness. In a softening motorcycle environment, can the Chopper design produced at a reasonable price works wonders to attract young new bikers? Don’t know the […] cyrilhuzeblog.com

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Church of MO: Before the Fall – 1997 Bimota V Due

| Moto News | 17.09.2017

Church of MO: Before the Fall – 1997 Bimota V Due
Eat any of the fruit you want, but not this one… more www.motorcycle.com

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Diamond King Sportster Gas Tank

| Moto News | 17.09.2017

Gas tank with distinctive diamond-style embossings on top and on the sides. It features the same basic design as the stock counterpart but are made wider for increased capacity. This will allow for longer intervals between gas station stops on long hauls. At W&W Europe. cyrilhuzeblog.com

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2019 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Driven Hard On The Nurburgring In Newest Spy Photos

| Spy Photos | 16.09.2017

More so than the DB11, the all-new V8 Vantage is crucial for Aston Martin’s future. The sports car of the range and the cheapest model in the lineup, the V8-powered Vantage is all but confirmed to offer a good ol’ six-speed manual transmission. Dr. Andy Palmer, the chief executive office…

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Flashback. 1915 Iver Johnson Motorcycle.

| Moto News | 16.09.2017

It’s for me one of the most beautiful motorcycles produced at the beginning of last century. The Iver Johnson Company (the company shared the name as its founder Norwegian-born Iver Johnson.) was first a U.S firearms and bicycle company. Launched in Fitchburg, MA in 1907, a motorcycle division was created from the conversion of a […] cyrilhuzeblog.com

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