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Cyril’s Story

| Moto News | 08.06.2018

Cyril Huze grew up in Paris, France. At the age of 18, he left home to stake his independence. He self-funded his higher education and earned a masters in marketing. At age 24, he starts gaining experience working for American advertising agencies based in Paris handling accounts for Schweppes, BP Oils, BMW cars. By his […] cyrilhuzeblog.com

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Sportster For Her

| Moto News | 14.05.2018

The nimble Sportster® remains one of the favorite for ladies looking for an easy and fun ride. A good rear suspension travel, a low comfortable seat and easy-reach handlebars in a small package give them the confidence they need. And when men gift a bike to their significant other, chances are that one of the […] cyrilhuzeblog.com

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Why Old Men Don’t Get Hired

| Moto News | 14.05.2018

A retired gentleman saw an ad for a job that he thought would interest him. The hours fit hit schedule and the company appealed to him. He made an appointment for a job interview and at the appointed time arrived. The interview proceeded … Human Resources Manager: “What is you biggest weakness?” Retiree: “Honesty” Human Resources Manager: “I don’t […] cyrilhuzeblog.com

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Giappone Vintage Racer

| Moto News | 13.05.2018

Even if you are not into Japanese motorcycles, you may be familiar with the Kawasaki KZ 1000. The two main reasons are that they were ridden by California Highway Patrol officers Ponch and Jon of the 1977–1984 TV show CHiPs and 14 of them were used in the 1979 Mad Max movie. With the Giappone […] cyrilhuzeblog.com

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Flashback. 1911 Racycle.

| Moto News | 12.05.2018

Started in 1895, the Miami Cycle Manufacturing Company was building bicycles and Motorcycles using names Racycle, and Miami. In 1911, it purchased Merkel wth all production moved to Middletown Ohio. This acquisition gave Miami Cycle Manufacturing the high-end motorcycle model that it needed to be regarded as a premiere manufacturer. The Racycle was the lower […] cyrilhuzeblog.com

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