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Detroit Auto Show: Cadillac Reveals Electric SUV, To Lead GM EV Push

| Green | 16.01.2019

General Motors announced that Cadillac will become the “lead electric vehicle brand” and get a vehicle based on the automaker’s BEV3 platform. www.cleanfleetreport.com

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Interview: UPS Looks Toward an Electric Fleet

| Green | 16.01.2019

UPS manages a fleet that includes more than 1,000 electric and hybrid electric vehicles, as part of its “Rolling Laboratory” of approximately 9,300 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. www.cleanfleetreport.com

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Detroit Auto Show: 2020 Ford Explorer Goes Hybrid

| Green | 15.01.2019

The all-new 2020 Ford Explorer has been completely redesigned. Debuted at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, it offers a hybrid version for the first time. www.cleanfleetreport.com

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Personal: Two Years with My Chevrolet Bolt EV

| Green, Test drive | 14.01.2019

After two years, the three things that stand out about my Chevrolet Bolt EV are: 1. It’s done exactly what I wanted, with virtually no problems, 2. Time has flown, and 3. I really do love my car. www.cleanfleetreport.com

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CES News: Byton Shows Off New EV’s Production Interior

| Green | 10.01.2019

This year that collaboration—or collision, depending on how you look at—was most evident when Chinese automaker Byton showed off the production version of its new EV’s interior. www.cleanfleetreport.com

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