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News: Ford F-Vision: An Electric, Autonomous Semi-Truck Concept For The Future

| Green | 28.09.2018

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As expected, Ford showed off its family of updated Transit vans this week at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 taking place in Hannover, Germany. But the American automaker had a surprise up its sleeve—its first ever big rig concept truck, the Ford F-Vision Future Truck. The concept focuses on a future where semi-trucks feature zero emissions and lightweight construction.

Ford didn’t provide details about the powertrain behind the F-Vision concept truck, however. Nor did it provide estimated power, battery size or driving range ratings. What it did say is, the truck is comprised of an electric tractor with Level 4 autonomy. That would mean the truck is capable of full autonomy in certain driving conditions with no driver behind the steering wheel.

Concept Is All About Design ^

The similarity to electric semis from Tesla, Nikola and Hyundai’s fuel cell truck, also introduced at the Hanford show, is obvious. Ford says the F-Vision’s futuristic, aerodynamic design was inspired by Marvel superheroes and how they change and adapt to environments. It was created by Ford Otosan, based in Turkey and the automaker’s largest commercial vehicle production base.

The American automaker had a surprise up its sleeve—its first ever big rig concept truck, the Ford F-Vision Future Truck.

Ford has a completely aerodynamic F-Vision

The aerodynamic shape does resemble a superhero helmet, with a visor-shaped windshield and thin, C-shaped lights surrounding a mouth-like lower half. The F-Vision’s wraparound front glass blends into the bodywork when operating autonomously and fades out when a human driver is present. Ford describes the front end as interactive, saying that different logos, designs and even messages for other drivers can be displayed across the front of the cab.

In case you haven’t noticed, there is no Ford blue oval badge on the front of the truck. Instead, this has been replaced with a back-lit badge spelling out Ford in capital letters. Elsewhere, the concept has massive wheels, a front fascia featuring air intakes surrounded with slim LED headlights, and cameras replacing the side mirrors.

Ford F-Vision

Available with or without a driver?

Its accompanying trailer is also designed to be streamlined and a sleek improvement over the upright, rectangular boxes of current trailers. Its rear wheels are covered for improved aerodynamics, and the profile is curved, with roof line that continues rearward from the curve of the top of the tractor. A character line angling up from the tractor’s front continues into the trailer’s sides.

Coming To The US? ^

The F-Vision is simply that: a vision. But Ford did say a lot of the ideas and design themes will end up on future Ford models. However, since Ford doesn’t offer 18-wheeler tractor rigs in the U.S., those ideas and design themes will only show up in Europe and other global markets. 

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