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2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Shows Strange Wheels at Gas Station

| Spy Photos | 17.04.2018

Even though the GLS (we’re talking about the old GL) is an American thing, testing for the all-new generation is mostly taking place in Europe. In the past year or so, camouflaged prototypes have been spotted all around Stuttgart, but now Mercedes has moved to the Nurburgring. Time to tighten all the screws!
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Last week, we had spyshots of the 2019 GLS-Class at the famous Green Hell. This spy video from AMM matches that but also goes into detail with some shots taken up close at the gas station.

We still think the GLS prototype is weird but in a fresh way. It’s got that long body typical of a 7-seat SUV, culminating with those fixed-on provisional lights. The real thing is probably going to have narrow, long ones, like you, see on every new Mercedes this year.

You rarely get to hear the engine of the 2019 GLS, and in this video, it sounds pretty sporty. Is that a V8? We were kind of hoping there would be a “560” model, like on the S-Class. Or could that be a softcore AMG model, hidden right under our noses? Not everything should have a six-cylinder engine, Mercedes.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the 435 horsepower 3-liter they fitted to the CLS 53, or the new diesel mills Mercedes has developed to compete with BMW and Audi. But we don’t expect to see oil burners in America anytime soon, no matter how efficient they are. Maybe if they can class the GLS as a truck.

The weird wheels are also back for this session of testing. We’re pretty sure that there’s a law prohibiting spinning metal to stuck out of the car like that, at least in the U.S. For now, let’s enjoy the sights and sounds without worrying about the fine print.


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