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2016 Lotus Evora 400 Review

| Auto News Recaps | 13.01.2018

A cockpit is a term that gets used too often in the case of some cars, but for the Evora 400, it surely fits the bill.

Everything inside is functional, and this means that no intricate lines have been used to inspire a dynamic character without reason. While the air vents look cheap and inappropriate, and the multimedia unit’s screen is the kind of assembly that you might find in the range labeled “aftermarket,” these elements are functional and integrated into the passenger compartment.

We still do not approve of those air vents, but it is the kind of detail that an owner will eventually get accustomed to, and the driving experience should outweigh it by a considerable margin.

We admit that they might drive us crazy if we were to sit in traffic in an Evora 400 and look at them, but let’s move on.

The dash is as slim as possible, and so are the door cards. Other manufacturers should take note of this, because this car focuses you on driving and that is enough to keep you busy. The passengers can just sit and enjoy the ride.

Concerning passengers, the rear seats exist merely because this car is a 2+2 coupe. If you are tall, or just overweight, you will not have a lovely time in the back. Children that will not need special seats might find space suitable.

We must note that the backseat is not a complete unit, and that a part of it is without support just to make more room for those occupants. That does not change the fact that four humans can sit inside, so keep that in mind during your mid-life crisis when justifying this vehicle if you have a family. It only works with a small family that enjoys being cramped in a small car.

The front seats are adequate for adults that are not way above the average concerning height or weight. This should not scare you too much, but be sure to sit in one before ordering a new Evora 400. 


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