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Black Mamba. A 1973 Honda CB550

| Moto News | 23.06.2017

Rarely a custom Honda has looked so good to me. It’s the work of Hookie Co, a Germany-based motorcycle builder specializing in building Cafe and Street Racers. Their philosophy? The best when you can apply it. Work slow, steady with a sharp eye for beautiful details… The Black Mamba is a minimal 1973 Honda CB550 […] cyrilhuzeblog.com

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New Oil Products For Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Touring Models

| Moto News | 22.06.2017

Oil Catcher Drain Funnel. This new Oil Catcher Drain Funnel (P/N 62700199, $22.95) was made specifically for servicing the new Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight engine. Harley-Davidson says it fits securely around the oil filter mounting bracket while providing access to spin the filter off its mount. Oil is captured in the funnel and drains through a tube […] cyrilhuzeblog.com

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Confederate Fighter Motorcycle In The Production Of Transformer Movie, The Last Knight.

| Moto News | 21.06.2017

Confederate Motorcycles, creator of some of the world’s most exotic road-going machines, has announced that it’s most advanced motorcycle yet, the P51 Combat Fighter, has been included in the production of Transformers: The Last Knight. The Decepticon, Mohawk, will appear as a Fighter in it’s disguised vehicle form. H. Matthew Chambers, CEO of Confederate Motorcycles, […] cyrilhuzeblog.com

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Michelin Partners With Worldwide All Female Motorcycle Collective “The Litas”

| Moto News | 20.06.2017

Michelin has announced a new partnership with female-centric motorcycle group, The Litas. What started as a small group of women who love to ride motorcycles in Salt Lake City in late 2014, has grown to a massive network of female motorcycle enthusiasts that has 140 branches in nearly 20 countries. With more than 3,000 members […] cyrilhuzeblog.com

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Retrospeed Yamaha XS650 Chopper Project

| Moto News | 19.06.2017

Believe it or not, this ground up custom project may be the first and the last one of Wisconsin motorcycle shop Retrospeed. The reason? Young owner Brady Ingelse never wanted to be a custom builder per say. His business specializes only in vintage repairs and restorations, not in custom building. And even after the success […] cyrilhuzeblog.com

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