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Nissan’s solution to the distracted-driving problem? A 181-year-old armrest

| Auto News, Weird Car News | 08.05.2017

Nissan Signal ShieldNissan thinks that it’s found the solution to the problem of distracted driving: a new and improved armrest. “New and improved” are relative terms in this case, because the technology behind Nissan’s armrest is nearly 200 years old. Of course, distracted driving isn’t a new problem, either: eating, drinking, smoking, and talking to passengers have… www.thecarconnection.com

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Faraday Future’s 1000-HP Electric Car: Should Tesla Be Worried?

| Auto News, Weird Car News | 05.01.2016

Faraday Future FFZERO1 conceptLast August, we told you about Chinese entrepreneur Jia Yueting, who had vowed to launch an electric car company that would rival Tesla Motors. In November, we told you that Yueting had made good on at least part of his promise by founding Faraday Future, which was planning a $1 billion manufacturing facility here in the U.S. Now, Faraday has made… www.thecarconnection.com

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Can This Intelligent Seatbelt End Drowsy Driving? (Video)

| Auto News, Weird Car News | 24.07.2014

HARKEN seatbelt concept fights driver fatigue (by the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia)The Internet of Everything: to most of us, it refers to machines we can monitor from afar, using computers and smartphones to keep tabs on our thermostats, refrigerators, and cars. But more generally, the Internet of Everything refers to the way in which objects of all kinds are becoming connected to one another and to the internet. This presents… www.thecarconnection.com

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This Is What Volvos Will Look Like Under Geely: Concept Coupe Revealed

| Auto News, Weird Car News | 29.08.2013

Volvo Concept Coupe, 2013 Frankfurt Auto ShowWe spend a lot of time dissecting auto ads, trying to figure out what those commercials convey about a particular car brand. But cars themselves — specifically, their design — also help define a company’s brand. A Lamborghini, for example, makes a bold impression. The car’s sharp, aggressive lines imply that the owner is a smooth, affluent… www.thecarconnection.com

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Young Drivers Build A Car That Millennials Allegedly Want

| Auto News, Weird Car News | 09.08.2013

Generation YWe’ve spilled a lot of virtual ink discussing Generation Y (aka Millennials) and their love/hate relationship with cars. Among the findings in recent years: Millennials aren’t buying cars. Millennials aren’t buying cars, but their parents are probably buying cars for them. Millennials aren’t driving as much as they should be. Millennials aren’t… www.thecarconnection.com

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