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Harley-Davidson Riding Academy Creates Active Pilots

| Moto News | 20.10.2017

Matt Levatich, Managing Director of Harley Davidson, said Riding Academy trained over 19,000 riders in the third quarter. Now the total is 51,000 units. The Harley Davidson Riding Academy expands the attractiveness of new pilots and is an essential part of the company’s strategy said Matt Levatich, President.

One of our key goals of the Harley Davidson Riding Academy is to improve its effectiveness in creating active pilots. In this way, sales of motorcycles increased by two digits compared to the previous year. Harley Davidson recorded a 2.04% increase in profit and a fall in sales in the quarter, although the results exceeded expectations. Earnings per share were 40 cents, down from 64 cents last year. Milwaukee company’s sales were $962.1 million, down from $1.09 billion last year.



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