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Brakes: They Only Slow You Down

| Moto News | 12 hours ago

Brakes: They Only Slow You Down
Have you ever dreamt of riding 100 mph on a 100-year-old motorcycle with no brakes, clutch, transmission or any suspension? Me neither, but it sure does more www.motorcycle.com

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2018 Volkswagen Beetle

| Auto News, Recalls | 21 hours ago

2018 Volkswagen BeetleThe 2018 Volkswagen Beetle lives where culture and cars collide—always has. This year, the Beetle follows that ethos with a simplified powertrain lineup and a special edition that probably couldn’t afford the royalty nut to the Beach Boys, so they call it “Coast.” This Beetle is getting on in its years and it shows. We give… www.thecarconnection.com

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2019 BMW X7 Spied Near The Nurburgring Looking as Massive as Ever

| Spy Photos | 21 hours ago

The 2019 BMW X7 is now in its advanced development stages and a prototype for the Bavarians’ upcoming flagship SUV has now been spied doing its thing at the Nurburgring. The shots you’ll find below show the high-riding Bimmer on the roads in the proximity of the Nordschleife. And while the test cars is still covered in heavy camo, we can turn to the www.autoevolution.com

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Harley-Davidson Riding Academy Creates Active Pilots

| Moto News | 20.10.2017

Matt Levatich, Managing Director of Harley Davidson, said Riding Academy trained over 19,000 riders in the third quarter. Now the total is 51,000 units. The Harley Davidson Riding Academy expands the attractiveness of new pilots and is an essential part of the company’s strategy said Matt Levatich, President. One of our key goals of the […] cyrilhuzeblog.com

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All-Wheel Drive Cars with Best Mileage

| Green | 20.10.2017

Ten all-wheel drive cars and four-wheel drive SUVs, crossovers, and AWD cars are compared, priced, and ranked by those that delivered the best mileage. Compare the AWD vehicles that save the most at the pump from Tesla, Subaru, Audi, BMW, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Lexus and others.

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